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At Soluminaire we offer analytics services that aim to give you insight into your traffic, where it comes from, how it behaves on your site and most importantly what you can do to optimise and improve conversions.

Why You need it

Analytics can provide a great depth of information into how your website is performing. A fully audited analytics configuration, that is correctly measuring how traffic is getting to your website and how it is behaving once on the site, will ensure that we (and you) have the insight needed to optimise your online performance. Armed with this information we can recommend improvements to your site and in turn measure the resulting improvement in conversions and how visitors are responding to the changes.

Ongoing cross-channel performance reporting can be developed to your bespoke requirements, enabling you to keep track of overall online performance against the set of KPIs that is most relevant to your business.

Our conversion optimisation services are designed to help you identify key areas for improvement on your website. We aim to improve user experience and reduce the barriers to conversion, through measured and analytical testing strategies, e.g. multivariate testing (MVT).

It's the small details

The services on the left are closely linked, and form the core of our holistic approach to online measurement, analysis and optimisation. In addition we also provide the consultancy required to tie these complex elements together and align with your business strategy, including advice on:

  • Analysing ROI and defining key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Developing reporting dashboards and benchmarks
  • Best practice for usability, user experience and conversion paths
  • Strategy development and measurement

Using a variety of tools we set out to improve and refine metrics that measure and manage conversion performance. Our familiarity and experience using these tools, combined with our expertise in fields such as usability, web analysis, user experience and technical marketing, means we are well equipped to offer some of the best conversion advice in the industry.

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